As time goes on, we are seeing new technology, with mobile being at the forefront. Many mobile making brand gave good effort to make it's mobile more innovative and loaded with more ground breaking features at cheap price.

Few years ago we can't expect mobiles comes with USB-C port and fast charging features at the Indian 6499. But Xiaomi proved this true with its new Redmi 8A smartphone (mobile). 

That's all about technology, but here I shared some best tech based lock screen MIUI themes with some innovative features. I guaranteed you like this themes. 

All these themes are free and comes with the .mtz file extension. If your Indian Mi mobiles users then you can use and find all these themes from the Mi Theme app. If you are not Indian users then don't worry I give here all theme's download links only for you. 

So, let's talk about the our themes. First of all I start with the name of these themes. 
  1.  TECH_DWM2
If you know Black shark is the sub brand or mobile series of Xiaomi. Black shark mobile series focused on the gaming.


TECH_DWM2 theme
Lock Style of TECH_DWM2
I personally like this theme's lock style clock widget and animation on lock style.  Additionally the blue and dark black color combination used on this theme is amazing and looks good. This theme support system wise dark mode.

Main drawback of this theme you can't get any new charging animation and on lock screen you can't get any charging animation or indicator when you plug in your mobile for charging. I really disappoint with this lack of feature. But we all know there is no thing perfect on the world we all need to compromise with it.

Lock style & Home screen

If you notice this theme has a small app icons with rounded shape beautiful blue border with the some techy effect.

App icons
Also navigating buttons also changed on this theme and it looks like oxygen OS navigating buttons. Take a closer look.

Navigating buttons

Network indicators and battery indicator also changed on this theme and it looks like same as Samsung mobile. Additionally fonts also look like same as Samsung's fonts style.

Fonts, Network-battery indicator
Now see some other images of this theme for better understanding of this theme.

App screen & status bar

You can download all these themes from the Theme store. If you want to link of all these themes, let me know in the comment section. 

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