MIUI 11 device list and features list

Today I discuss upcoming key features of MIUI 11 and official supported device list of MIUI 11.

    14 Upcoming Features list of MIUI 11 

    1) Dark Mode

    Majority of MIUI devices support dark mode. But few models don't support dark mode. Here a piece of good news for all the MIUI users. With MIUI 11 all the devices get a dark mode and some other features also included in dark mode.

    Two modes available in the dark mode in MIUI 11

    1. Global dark mode
    2. Schedule dark mode

    Global dark mode
    I have not more information about it but I sure it is very similar to the normal dark mode. Which is already available in MIUI 10 devices.

    Schedule dark mode
    Many of you understand the uses of this mode. In MIUI many Schedule features available, like Battery saver, Device On-Off, Silent/DND and more...

    Schedule dark mode work as similar to all of these. This feature helps you for automatic turn on and turn off dark mode between a particular time range.

    2) Automatic Screenshot Management

    Automatic screenshot management feature is already available in MIUI 10 beta version, but now all the beta version is stopped by the Xiaomi developers. So, now we will get this feature on the upcoming MIUI 11.

    Using this feature we can directly share and edit screenshot on the home screen.

    And addition feature also includes regarding screenshot in Gallery.

    3) Unlock your device by using voice command

    Just imagine, when you say "Ok Google" and your device will be unlock.
    Unlock your device by using voice command this is one of the best upcoming features in MIUI 11. This unlocking method is already available in our MIUI 10 devices, but it doesn't work.

    It is now time to see if Xiaomi brings this feature to Google or whether it will re-invent itself. This allows us to recognize our voice and unlock our device.

    4) New app drawer

    In MIUI 11, we all will be getting a brand new app drawer in Xiaomi device. It may be brought from the Poco launcher or maybe different. Let's see what happen when MIUI 11 comes

    5) New sound effects

    Some of Xiaomi device already comes with the Dolby Atmos support, which is very good for sound effects. But now in MIUI 11, we will get new sound effects. It will probably be better than Dolby atmos.

    6) Improved AI features

    AI is being used on smartphones in 2019. You may have needed to use AI in your smartphone camera. Leaks and rumours have revealed that Xiaomi is going to be the new Smart AI Assistant in its MIUI 11 and this work same as Google Assistant.

    Probably using smart AI assistant you can unlock your device by voice command and other task do with this assistant.

    7) Battery charge stats on an info screen

    If you remember, in MIUI 8 you would see a battery stats chart. But in MIUI 10 this feature improved and some stats removed from the chart. Now in MIUI 11, you get this stats on your info screen.

    8) Private album for videos

    Best of MIUI, you can hide or make your video and picture privately with no third-party applications. But here some restrictions are applied like you can make an only private album of images.

    Now those restrictions have been removed in MIUI 11. You can create albums for private videos and easily manage them.

    9) Refresh app icons and smoother animations

    In MIUI 11 you will definitely get new app icons. It would be different from the MIUI 10 app icons and maybe comes with a new shape or pixel-like icons.

    If you notice when you close system app of MIUI 10, you can see some animation on that app icon. In MIUI 11, you get some smoother animation on system app icons.

    10) New loading animation for apps

    MIUI developers changed loading animation for apps in MIUI 11. I have no more information about loading animation, but it would be changed to your default animation.

    11) Improved energy-saving mode

    Here you get an Ultra power saving mode and some battery life improvement. From the leaks, Monochrome mode also improved in MIUI 11.

    In China beta MIUI ROM this mode already available

    12) Child mode back

    This is the good news for all parents, finally, child mode comes back in MIUI 11. If you old users of MIUI, you familiar with the child mode and usage of it. using child mode you can make some restrictions on your child activities on mobile. This mode will be very useful for parents.

    13) Emergency contacts on the lock screen

    Nowadays the mobile maker is paying special attention to the safety of the mobile user. With that in mind, a new feature has been added to MIUI 11 and we called it emergency contact on the lock screen.

    Now in MIUI 11, you can set a list of contact and add it into emergency contact. This list will always appear on your mobile lock screen.

    14) MIUI add a switch to turn off all ads in MIUI devices

    All of you will be disturbed by the ads of MIUI 10. If you want to stop these ads, you have to go to all those applications and manually close it. If you update this application, these ads will be resumed.

    But now in MIUI 11, you get the option to turn on or off all these ads and they will be automatically turn on or turn off from all apps.

    List of Xiaomi Smartphones to Get MIUI 11 Update

    MIUI 11 will be rolled out to Xiaomi devices in three batches: 

    First batch:

    Xiaomi Mi 9
    Mi 9 Explorer Edition
    Mi 9 SE
    Mi Mix 3
    Mi CC9
    Redmi K20
    Redmi K20 Pro

    Second batch:

    Mi 8
    Mi 8 Explorer Edition
    Mi 8 SE
    Mi 8 Pro
    Mi 8 Lite
    Mi MIX 2s
    Mi CC9e
    Mi Max 3
    Mi Note 3
    Mi 6
    Mi Play
    Mi 6X
    Redmi Note 7
    Redmi Note 7 Pro
    Redmi 7
    Redmi Note 5
    Xiaomi MIUI 11 updates

    Third batch:

    Mi MIX 2
    Mi Max 2
    Mi MIX
    Redmi 5 Plus
    Redmi Note 5
    Redmi Note 6 Pro
    Redmi 6 Pro
    Poco F1
    Redmi S2
    Mi 5X
    Mi 5C
    Mi 5s Plus


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