Comparison between and MIUI stable ROM ROM based on China developer(Beta) ROM. It comes with Stock MIUI  features and Some extra features. The best thing of this ROM you also get a Google apps and services pre-installed in your device after installing this ROM.

This ROM support many popular Redmi and Xiaomi devices and available in many languages. Here I gave you Top 5 reasons for why ROM is better than MIUI Global Stable ROM. ROM is one of popular and innovative from available custom ROM in the market at the present. This custom ROM capable to change your mobile UI(user interface) with some great features. Like many customizations opportunities are available with the MIUI.

If you want to weekly updates on your MIUI mobiles, I recommend you to install ROM(because Xiaomi shutdown it's beta/developer MIUI update).

    Top 5 Reasons : Why ROM is Better than MIUI Global Stable ROM

    1. No Bloatware, No pre-installed Chinese apps and Minimum MIUI pre-installed apps

    No Bloatware means you get more space and storage into your device. Due to this, you will always get better RAM management compare ti the MIUI global stable ROM and your device will also perform quick.

    Google disagrees with the Chinese government, and access to many Google services is blocked. MIUI devices does not comes with Google Play Services in Mainland China. However, Xiaomi has expanded its operations outside China. Outside the mainland China, MIUI releases for Android devices, operates like Google Play Services and Google Apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play Store and any other Android device. MIUI global versions are certified by Google.

    No pre-installed Chinese apps and Minimum MIUI pre-installed apps

    In MIUI global stable ROM we get many pre-installed Chinese apps and we can't even uninstall it. but in ROM comes with no Chinese app and minimum MIUI apps.

    I already facing problem with the some pre-installed apps like Mi Pay, ShareMe, GetApps, because I never used this applications and I can't uninstall these applications. These applications Inhibit my storage and also effect on my mobile performance.

    Reason for the I can't used these applications

    We all handy with the some applications and we use it in our daily life. I used Paytm instead Mi pay because it trustable in my country and it provide more features compare to Mi pay. Trust me, I never used ShareMe because I like to use Xender app for the transfer files. I personally believe no one compare Google Pay Store for the download/install applications on your devices.

    2. No Ads

    Ads has been completely removed from the MIUI system apps in ROM. So you don't have to worry about Ads anymore in ROM.

    If you used MIUI 9 or MIUI 10 on your Mi devices, Mi serve Ads in their MIUI custom ROM and make money from the Ads. This is because Mi sold its devices with the negligible profit. Thanks for the Mi for its option, using this we can stop the Ads on our devices, but after the particular app where Ads served is continuously serve.

    This is the great Strategy for the make profit on devices via online. Many smartphone companies followed Mi and starting serve Ads on its devices. Here I don't talk about these companies because we don't need to know about these companies (we all used Mi).

    3. Third Party MIUI theme access

    I personally think this is one the best feature available in this ROM. In MIUI global stable ROM you can't apply third party MIUI themes in your device, if haven't Mi designer account. 

    But in ROM you don't need any third party app or Mi designer account for the applying the third party MIUI theme in your device.
    When apply third party MIUI theme in MIUI global ROM using any third party app (Theme Swap/ Theme Editor For MIUI), then after some time it change into your default theme. But you can't face this issue in ROM.

    4. New features 

    As I mentioned above ROM is based on the China developer(Beta) ROM. So you can get new features,  which is probably not available in MIUI global ROM. In additionally you get weekly base stable update on ROM and also get a weekly based developer ROM update.

    With every update you get a some new features or some bugs fix or some improvements in your device performance. 

    5. Easy to install and apply update on ROM

    Installation process of this ROM is very easy. For that you don't need to root your device. Simply you need computer and your Xiaomi's device.

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