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Today is a good day for the Oxygen os lover, which is used MIUI. Now you can easily use Oxygen os app icons in your MIUI os device. Oxygen OS is the second preferable OS after the Stock Android. Because of its performance and Smoothness. Also app icons of Oxygen OS is quite good and comes with the rounded shape. 

If you bored with your default or any MIUI themes app icons, today I share with you a beautiful Oxygen os (OnePlus) app icons. 

After applying these app icons your device look Gorgeous. This is basically a theme provided by the Piyush KPV and it is available in theme app with name PRO DARK. Now we discuss only app icons of this theme. You can see above image Hows it look like in your Mi phones after applying this theme or app icons. 

Download this app icon (link)

Now let's move into How to change app icons in the MIUI theme.

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First step: First of all download ".MTZ" file from the above link and remember the path of your download in your device storage.

Second step: In this step, Open your "theme app" and tap on "My Page".

Third step: "Import" this theme from your device storage. If you face any issue regarding Theme importing click here 

Fourth step: Now click on "Customize theme" and here select "icons".

Final step: Here you can see all app icons of themes, which one you imported in the Theme app. Now select "OnePlus 7 pro Dark" and click on "Apply"

Your app icons now change the default to Oxygen os app icons.

See Also: If there is a problem related to app icons installation, then Click Here for a better experience to know about how to change the app icons with full guidelines.

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