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Xiaomi launches its flagship device in the Mi Series smartphone with some innovation.  Last year, Xiaomi launched its flagship smartphone Mi 8 with Explorer Edition and this year it manages the trend of Explorer Edition with the new smartphone Mi 9.

Best mi theme

Cool and techy, the Mi 9 Explorer Edition looks front and back.  I'm sharing the theme here If you use this, you get the same look as the Mi 9 Explorer Edition on the front of your Mi, Xiaomi, Redmi smartphone.

About this theme

The name of this theme is Mi9 TE, you can easily find it on the theme app.  If you didn't find this theme, don't worry I give a download link to this theme below.  Therefore, you can easily download from there.  Note that for many regions this theme acts as a third party theme.  You need third party theme access for this theme for the user of those regions.

Basically Mi9 TE theme comes with dark UI and best lock style. I personally loved this lock style for its animation. I highly recommend you to try this theme as your smartphone lock style

If you have trouble changing the lock style check out my tutorial for a better guidelines.
How to change Lock Style in your Xiaomi phones.

The Mi9 TE theme design by Chau Hoang. I shared with you demo image of theme in above image, you can consider it as preview of this theme.

You can also use Android One theme app icons in Mi9 TE theme. At the present I using this combination if you want a full article on that tell me in comment section. I will share article soon as possible.

Download Theme/download/button/#27ae60

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How to apply theme in your smartphone

I think every user of MIUI know the process of applying theme. If don't know how to apply MIUI theme, follow below steps. 

If you download from Theme app, there no need any steps to follow. You can direct apply this theme. 

Note: I used this theme on my Redmi Note 7 and it's working well. If you have any problem after applying theme, like status bar not change, lock style not change and app icons not change. Please reboot your smartphone after applying theme. 

Now if you download it from download link follow below steps. 

Step 1- First of all open Theme app
Step 2- Go to My Page and select Themes
Step 3- Scroll down and click on Import button
Step 4- Select Mi9 TE theme from the your smartphone storage
Step 5- After Importing theme click on theme and tap on apply button
Now your theme ready to use............ 

See also full tutorial on applying MIUI theme
How install MiUi themes into Xiaomi devices | Xiaomi Themes

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