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Theme with PIXIFY icons

Best Dark Redmi theme with Stock Android App icons 2019If you like to use Dark theme in your Mi phone, then this is the best dark theme in 2019. More than half users of Mi phones(I calculate here Mi, Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi phones) use Dark theme on their phones and I personally used Dark theme on my Redmi Note 7 with Dark mode. Which type of theme you used on your Redmi or Xiaomi or Mi phones, Let me in the comment with the name of the theme.

Theme without PIXIFY icons

Which theme I used here and How to download it

Actually here I used two themes in my Redmi Note 7. Now you confused how I used two MIUI theme at the same time on my phone, don't worry this is the combination of two theme. If you read my previous article, then you have no problem with understanding this article.

In this theme, I used one theme for the only app icons and another theme for regularly used. Now I hope you understand this combination of themes. If don't know how you can change app icons in MIUI theme app click here to get the full article.

Now back our themes I used City Limitz as a regular theme and PIXIFY as an app icon(because in PIXIFY theme you get app icons like Android One theme). You can easily get both of theme from the Theme app, for that you need to search these theme or I have shared both themes links for download below. So, you can also download both themes from the below-given links.

Apply only City Limitz theme in your phone and Apply icons of the PIXIFY theme in your phone. If you don't want to Android One app icons in your phone, apply only City Limitz theme on your MIUI supported phone.
I used this theme on my Redmi Note 7 phone and this theme works well if you have any problem for applying this theme, restart your phone after applying this theme.

How to apply this theme on your phone

If you download these two themes from the Theme app you can directly apply theme. Make sure first of all you need to download these themes. After downloading City Limitz clicks on the apply button for the use this theme on your phone. Now if you want to use PIXIFY theme app icons, then you only need to download PIXIFY theme and note that don't apply it.

I hope you understand what I said to you above in this article. For the Android One app icons, Go to My Page in the theme app and go to Customize theme. Choose here icons and select PIXIFY and tap on apply. If you face any issue regarding changing app icons in MIUI theme check out the article I given link of that article above.
If you download these themes from the given links follow these steps for the applying theme.

Step 1- First download both of theme and open Theme app.
Step 2- Click on My Page and in My Page click on Theme.
Step 3- Scroll down and you can see the Import button. Click on this button.
Step 4- Now import both themes one by one.
Step 5- Select City Limitz theme and apply it(make sure you Import PIXIFY theme for the Android app icons) and for the Android One app icons, Go to My Page in the theme app and go to Customize theme. Choose here icons and select PIXIFY and tap on apply.


If you want wallpaper I used in my theme(you can see in first image), you can download it from below links. 

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