Lockscreen has a big impact on your mobile. When we turn on the mobile screen we first see the lock screen of the mobile. If your mobile screen is not good, you will not make a good impression when your friend, family member uses your mobile.

If you using Mi(Xiaomi or Redmi) mobiles, you have good news. Here I will share with you some Amazing Avengers Endgame Lock screens for MiUi Mobiles(Best Lock screens For All Mi Mobiles). All these Lock screens given below are part of the one theme, so you need to Apply this theme for these lock screens.

Lockscreen + Theme for Mi mobiles

All of the following Lock screens come with 3D effects. Slowly move your mobile left and right after applying the Avengers Endgame theme so you can easily see the 3D effects on the Lock screen of your mobile. 

Note: This is the Third-party MIUI theme. If you want to apply this theme in your Mi mobile, first you need Third-party theme access. After the access, you can apply this theme and lock screen.

Avengers Endgame is a very popular Hollywood movie around the world, you see it let me know in the comment section below. Now move into the theme, this theme has a six lock screen. In the first lock screen, you see all the Avengers and in background Thanos. Remaining all the lock screen you can see groups of Avengers and one of the lock screen represent Thanos and group of his.

Try this theme: Spiderman far from home Third-party MiUi theme in Mtz download

I have no information about the designer of this theme, but this theme works very well. I personally use this theme for its lock screen or lock style. I haven't Third-party theme access, but I used one method for applying a Third-party theme temporarily.

If you want to know about this method click here. This theme work for almost all Mi mobile and tablets.

Applying only Lock screen or Lock style 

Now if you want to apply only Lock style or Lock screen in your mobile, the following steps help you.

Step-1: Download the theme from the link below

Step-2: Import this theme into your Theme app. If you don't know How to Import theme click here. Otherwise, move to step-3

Step-3: (Don't apply theme if you want only lock style of this theme) Now click on Profile in your Theme app. 

Step-4: Tap on Customize theme

Step-5: Select Lock Style and choose Lock Style of this Theme and Apply

Full tutorial on How to change Lock style in MiUi || Xiaomi Phones || MI phones || Redmi Phones

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