One feature that has long been on the wish list for Android users is the ability to customize the status bar, but now if you are Xiaomi mobiles users this is good news for you. Below you will find the steps for customizing the status bar on Xiaomi Mobile.

What is the status bar in MIUI theme?

Status bar- When you open your notification panel, you see some of shortcuts icons your device and recent app menu is also in the status bar. What happens when you change the status bar? Icons of the notification panel change and also the background colour of these icons also change.

Notification panel is very useful for every Android user. Using this you can navigate your mobile without any problem. If want to turn on your mobile data you can easily on it from the notification panel. You don't need to go setting and manually turn on from their. 

The Resents app menu (also known as the Overview screen, recent task list, or recent applications, or recent screen) is a system-level UI that lists recent cached activities and tasks. The user will navigate to the list and choose a task to resume, or the user will take away a task from the list by swiping it.

How to change Status bar in MIUI || Xiaomi phones || Redmi phones || Mi phones

First of you need to download mtz file of status bar from the Theme app or Online, but make sure on Xiaomi devices you can apply only mtz file. 

Step 1:  First of all open your "Theme" App. If you haven't this app, please download it from the best sources available on the internet.

Step 2: In your App click on "profile". Now it renamed as My Page.

Change status layout in miui theme

Step 3: Now click on "customize theme". You can easily see in the below image.

Change status layout in miui themes in xiaomi

Step 4: Here select  "Status bar". I highlighted this in the below image.

Change status layout in miui themes in redmi mobiles

Note: Please note that you import this status bar file on theme app or download it from the theme app.

Step 5: Here two possibilities available

1) Follow this method if you download file from the online platform. Choose the Status bar you want to use in your device and click on Apply. Make sure you download status bar from the Theme app Or import it on theme app.

2) Follow this method for the theme app. First of you need to download that status bar and after download you can easily apply on your current theme. 

If you like any particular theme's status bar and want to use it then Follow this method. First of all import or download that theme and make sure don't apply that theme on your device. Now go to My Page and here click on Customize theme. Tap on status bar and choose or select the status bar and apply it. 

Mi mobiles theme customize
Best customize tips for miui themes

Many users like to use its old devices status bar layout. MIUI theme almost provides all types of status bar. so, you don't worry about your old device status bar layout. If you struggling to find the status bar for your MIUI theme.
Don't worry click here to get all Status bar for your MIUI devices.

If you face any problems regarding the status bar, please comment below.

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