Lock style makes a big impact on your mobile. When we turn on the mobile screen we first see the lock screen of the mobile. If your lock style is not good, you will not make a good impression when your friend, family member uses your mobile.

Lock style provide some good features for easy to use our mobile. And also help for make good looking mobile from the front side. You can customize widget of date and day and time using lock style. Also change shortcuts for apps and use beautiful charging animation with some fingerprints animations. I think their is no theme exist with charging animation on other mobile brands(you can't change the charging animation).
Changing Lock style is one of the best features of the MIUI theme. You can change time, day, and date screen in Lock style. Many designers of MIUI theme provide many other brands Lock style. If you want to use it you need to follow some steps I have given below in this article. This method works for all Mi(Xiaomi or Redmi) mobiles.

What's you can change in Lock screen

  • Change Clock style
  • Change Shortcuts on Lock screen
  • Also you can change device lock style
  • Change date widget
  • Change Wallpaper
  • Change day Widget
  • Change Charging animation
  • Change Notifications style
  • And many other features if your theme support

How to change Lock style in MIUI

Step 1:  First of all open your "Theme" App. This app comes pre installed in every Mi or Xiaomi mobiles. So, you can easily find it. 

Step 2: In your themes App click on "profile". After update it renamed as " My Page". So, don't confused if you don't find profile.

Change lock style in miui themes in mobiles

Step 3: Now click on "customize theme". Here you can Customize almost everything on your MIUI theme.

Change lock style in miui themes

Step 4: Here select  "Lock style". Which is first option available in Customize theme section.

Change lock style

Step 5: Now the main part, if you already download theme or lock style from the Themes app then Choose that and click on Apply. Otherwise you can download it or import your theme or lock style using theme app and choose it and apply. 

Change lock style in miui themes in mi mobiles

Theme customize for miui

On this website I shared collection of Lock style. So, you can download it from here. 

Benefits of Changing Lock style

If you bored with your default lock style on your any Mi mobiles. Their is good time for the change and give your mobile brand new look. You can also add your favorite features on lock style which is convenient in daily life. Also you can decorate your lock screen using wallpaper, date-day, and time widgets. 

Some time you can use other theme Lock style on your current theme or some time use full theme for its lock style only. But I recommend you use only features which want to use because in MIUI you get lots of features, so why you need to compromise. 


This is short tutorial on How to change Lock style on any Mi devices with easy method. Here I give you some facts about the Lock style or Lock screen and benefits of it. I hope you enjoy it. 

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