Favorites tray in MIUI themes

The line of  icons at the bottom of  your Android mobile home screen is called the Favorites tray. It contains app icons, as well as other icons you place there, such as a phone or dialer app icon, or any other application you frequently use. The Home screen page is displayed whether the Favorites tray icons look the same.

If you no idea how to change your theme  Favorites tray in MIUI,  then here I show you how to change it in theme for Mi phone.

If you never see or heard about the Favorites tray in your mobile theme, then see these images.

How to change Favorites tray in MIUI

Now I think you got information about the Favorites tray.

Step 1:  First of all open your "Theme" App.

Step 2: In your App click on "profile".

How to change favorite tray in miui theme

Step 3: Now click on "customize theme".

Change favorite app tray

Step 4: Here select  " Favorites tray".

Mi themes

Step 5: Choose your  Favorites tray and click on Apply.

Best theme

You can also try this method for changing tray.

  1. On the Home screen, Add or Delete icons, drag the Favorites tray icon. That action creates room for new icons to be placed in the Favorites tray.
  2. Drag an icon from the Home screen to the Favorites tray, in which case any existing icon swaps places with the icon already there.

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