Although MIUI is built on the Android platform, the default user interface of its previous iteration closely resembles iOS due to the absence of the application tray with a grid of icons organized into the home panels. Other iOS similarities include application icons in the same shape, dialer and in-call interface, organization of the Settings app, and visual appearance of toggles in the UI.

The best part of the MIUI Custom ROM is its customization. In MIUI, you get a lot of customization options and MIUI themes one of them. Using this option you can install themes in your MIUI devices.

For MIUI themes, you will find an application in your device that is pre-installed on your Mi mobile. And name of this application is Themes.

In this application, you get lot of MIUI themes and you can also install that themes in your devices.

    About MIUI themes

    One thing you need to know about MIUI theme application, it supports only ".mtz" file extension. And all MIUI themes comes with the ".mtz" file extension. No other theme file support in MIUI devices. 

    What is mtz file? 

    Basically mtz file is Compressed MetaStream 3D scene file

    It saved in an ASCII text format and uses XML-style tags to store information about the scene. It may include global scene options, hierarchies of instances, camera information, and animation data.

    Types of MIUI themes

    1. Supporting MIUI themes[free/paid]
    2. Third party MIUI themes[free/paid]
    Here I give basic overview of both types of themes

    Supporting MIUI themes

    In this type, Themes supported in some regions Xiaomi devices. For example, suppose you can install " MIUI 10.mtz" in India and US but you can't install it in China. If you try to install this theme in China, you get a error and you can't install it. 

    Third party MIUI themes

    As I mention above, if you can't install any MIUI themes in your device, that theme for your region called third party theme. 

    I hope now you understand about types of themes, but one question still in your mind how you can install third party theme? 

    Don't worry in this tutorial you get method for installing third party theme. 

    How to install/Apply MIUI themes and Third party MIUI themes in all Mi mobiles? 

    Here I give you 4 method or tricks for installing MIUI themes. Two of them you can use for third party theme (3-4). All of 4 methods very easy and it work very well. 

    So, let's install MIUI themes. 

    Using Theme application-1

    1] First of all you need to open "Themes" app

    2] Search the Name of theme from the search bar

    3] Now click on that theme you searched and download it. 

    4] After downloading theme,  Click on Apply button and your theme is start installing in your device. 

    Make sure you Reboot your device after applying/installing MIUI theme. This is necessary for the better implementation of theme on your device. alert-info

    Easy! This is best method for the applying theme. I hope you can try it...... 

    Using Theme application-2

    This is second for applying theme using Theme application. Now you think, What's the difference between 1st and 2nd?

    The 1st method you will be able to use when you download the supporting MIUI theme from the Theme application. Now what if you download the supporting MIUI theme from another source and you want to install it?

    In this situation,  you can use this method. 

    1] 1] First of all you need to open "Themes" app

    2] Go to My Page

    3] Now click on Themes

    4] On Themes section, you can see Import button. Click on that button. 

    5] Choose File manager for browsing MIUI theme file. 

    6] Select theme which you want to install

    7] And click on Ok button

    8] After that your theme will be start importing

    9] Now choose your theme and click on Apply button 

    If this theme have custom font, before the applying theme you get a message for that font. If you want that theme's font then you can apply it or you can click on Not now. 

    After that Your Theme is ready to use. 

    Make sure you Reboot your device after applying/installing MIUI theme. This is necessary for the better implementation of theme on your device. alert-info

    Using Theme Swap application

    For this method you need to download or install Theme Swap application from the Google Play Store. After download this application continue this method. 

    And you can also install Third party MIUI theme using this method. 

    1] Open Theme Swap application

    2] In this application, you need to select your device. Here select Xiaomi (.mtz Themes) 

    3] After the selecting device on Theme swap application, you need to click on "+" Sign. 

    4] Now you can redirect on your recent file page. Here you can see three lines. Click on that. 

    5] Here you can see many option for browsing your theme, but I recommend easy way for browsing theme is choose File manager. Now open the folder where theme stored. 

    6] Select theme. 

    7] Press Ok after selecting theme. 

    8] You can see a pop up message Unpacking MTZ Theme

    9] After the unpacking, you need to pack this theme again. For that click on unpacked theme and click on Pack Theme and Apply

    10] After some time, this theme is packed and ready for apply

    Now let's move to our final method of installing MIUI themes. This is best method for the applying/installing third party MIUI themes. 

    Using Theme Editor For MIUI application

    I have an already full tutorial using this application. So you can check out it from the below link. This is the easy method for applying third party MIUI themes on your Mi devices. 


    This tutorial for How to install MIUI themes on Xiaomi devices is only for education purpose. I don't recommend you use third party app for this applying MIUI themes. If you like this tutorial, share it with your friends and family members. 

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