Samsung One UI Night Theme for MIUI

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Samsung One UI Night Theme for MIUISamsung One UI Night Theme for MIUI

Hey MIUIers,
Today I am going to share with you Samsung One UI Night MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Mobile(Mi Mobiles, Redmi Mobiles). So get this MIUI Themes now on your Xiaomi Mobile without wasting any time go down and download. Download the Samsung One UI Theme for MIUI in MTZ file.

This is best theme comes with the Samsung One User interface and Night mode in system. Many of you like One UI so this theme is well suited for you.

About Samsung One UI

The One UI is a software overlay developed by Samsung Electronics for the samsung's Android devices. Successful Samsung experience and TouchWiz have been designed to make it even more streamlined, with a specialized optimization to facilitate single-handed use of smartphones with larger screens. It was unveiled at Samsung's Developer Conference in 2018, and was first released as part of the Samsung firmware updates on Android 9 Pie

Features of Samsung One UI

The One UI was created as part of Samsung's mission to make hardware and perfect software work together in perfect harmony, and would provide a more natural experience on large-screen smartphones. One of the leading design patterns in the included applications is to deliberately place common features and user interface elements at the bottom of the screen, rather than near the top. If you used earlier mobile of Smasung you feel some lag on it and some time it stuck on any apps. If you used earlier mobile of Samsung you feel some lag on it and some time it stuck on any apps.

After the introduced One UI Samsung improve performance. Now One UI comes in the best UI category for it's performance and better RAM management. Samsung success to sold more devices for its One UI and come back

This makes them easy to reach with the user's thumb when you using the device one-handed. For similar reasons, applications use large headers to push their main content toward at the center of the screen. The navigation bar supports the use of gestures, while in the system night mode was also added. Unlike previous versions of Layout, the Android app uses a horizontal layout overlay screen, as with most recent apps, upstream.

About this theme
Theme Name: Samsung One UI
Size: 9.8 MB
Designer: Sofianeo95
Compatibility: MIUI 10, 9

Designer of this theme made a good theme with the very hard work, without any doubt making theme is tough. Specially system wise dark theme with One UI. This theme is not available on theme app, this means third party MIUI theme. Take a not about it and install. 
Download Theme

Take tour of images of this theme.

Samsung One UI Night Theme for MIUI

If you remember, Samsung launch its few Edge series smartphone earlier and it quite popular for its Edge. In this theme you get an Edge effect using this you get a colorful border on your Mi smartphone screen.

Samsung One UI Night Theme for MIUI

You also get navigation icons also look like Samsung One UI. All app icons and status bar good and Lock style is best in all class. Their few themes available on theme app which is support system wise dark/night mode and this theme is one of them. If your device not support dark mode or you haven't option for an access dark mode this theme you can use on your devices.

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How to Install Themes on Xiaomi phones

Step 1: Firstly you need to download this theme from the above given link. If you are download it using your computer then you need to move it in your mobile. If you download it on your mobile. That's good and now move to step 2.

Step 2: Go to your mobile Home screen and find Theme app. Now open it.

Step 3: In the Xiaomi Theme app, go to My Page and select themes option.

Step 4: Here you’ll see the list of all themes that comes pre-installed within your mobile and some of them you downloaded before. If you open this app first time, you can only see almost two themes. Which is default theme comes with the your device.

Step 5: Scroll down the theme page and tap on Import button. You easily see this button below of this page.

Step 7: Now, access to the appropriate folder using the file manager application, and tap the .mtz theme file which you have saved to mobile internal or external storage.

Step 8: After the importing Samsung One UI Night Theme, it will be shown along with other offline themes on your theme app.

Step 9: Select the Samsung One UI Night  theme, which you want to install on your mobile and tap on “Apply”.

That’s it! The new theme will start automatically applied to your device.

Note that you require to reboot your mobile after apply this amazing MIUI theme.

 Enjoy your theme

Click Here for a better experience to know about how to install Samsung One UI night MIUI Themes with full guidelines.


Here I give you some information about the Samsung One UI and MIUI theme it. This theme you can use in your all xiaomi devices because it is in mtz file extension. This theme design by the Sofianeo95 and it compatible with the MIUI 10 and 9. Remember this is a third party MIUI theme so you need to access of this on your xiaomi devices.

Tell me in comment section what you think about this theme? 

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